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The Doctor M® Eye Test is complimentary.
We will send you an SMS to inform you when your prescription glasses are ready for pick-up. Please account for 2-3 business days, from date of purchase.
Once you have chosen your frames and taken your Eye Test, our opticians at the Lens Talk counter will assist you in choosing the appropriate lenses. You have the option of upgrading them by choosing your preferred “Add-on”, at a fixed additional cost.
Doctor M® offers a wide variety of eyeglasses and sunglasses for men, women and kids of all ages. If you find difficulty choosing, our staff has the knowledge and experience to recommend the frame shape and color best suited for your face!
Insurance policies usually allow for one pair of prescription eyeglasses and one pair of corrective lenses per year, with a specified coverage limit. Let our staff at the Insurance Desk assist you in finding out the optical coverage of your policy
Most certainly! Our store is designed to meet the needs of everyone, including older children from the age of 14 and above.
Our store offers a wonderful selection of Doctor M® and Designer Brand eyewear for men, women and children alike, with a unique segregation between smaller kids and teens and tweens. Older children aged 14 and above can have their eye test in-store, and choose a new pair of frames and corrective lenses that come with a warranty.
Besides the Doctor M® brand, which features world-class quality materials and designs, our stores carry designer brands such as: Ray-Ban, Tommy Hilfiger, Emporio Armani, POLO Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Vogue, Hugo Boss, DKNY, Guess, Carolina Herrera, and Polaroid.
At the counter at any Doctor M® store, you can swiftly inquire about your insurance coverage and choose your eyeglasses and lenses accordingly. Our staff will take care of approving your claim swiftly while you browse your favorite frames. We offer a range of products, catering to every budget.
Anti-reflective lenses reduce the distracting reflections that can bounce off the back of the lens into the eye.
Multi-focal (or Progressive) lenses combine up to three prescriptions in the same lens, so you can see close, medium and far objects without needing to change your glasses.
Photochromatic lenses darken when exposed to UV light, and adapt to varying lighting conditions.
Most certainly! Color contact lenses are for everyone, and can be bought with corrective power or none at all. In either case, we recommend you take an eye test before buying your lenses, as you might discover you need additional vision correction, however minor. Eye tests can also detect latent eye conditions that require further attention.
We advise you not to share your contact lenses with anyone to avoid cross-contamination that can cause irritation or infection.
For best hygiene, wear your color or clear lenses before applying your makeup. With color lenses, this also helps you match your makeup with your new eye color. We also recommend taking off your lenses before removing your makeup to keep them clean.
It depends on the type of lenses you are using. Some lenses are suitable for one day only, some for two weeks, and others a whole year. Do not wear your lenses beyond their validity date to avoid eye irritation or infection.
Color lenses and clear lenses require the same care procedure. Just make sure your hands are clean when you wash and sterilize them. Use a special lens solution like the one you find at Doctor M®, and store them securely in their case
If you feel any stinging, swelling or redness, or experience any changes in your vision, you must stop wearing your lenses immediately and consult the specialists at Doctor M®.
You are welcome to exchange your items, within 14 days from purchase date . Just make sure the item is in its box and in its original condition. Do note, however, that our exchange policy does not apply for frames fitted with prescription lenses or for contact lenses (both colored and clear).
In case you changed your mind about an item you bought, you are eligible to return it within 48 hours, provided it is in its original condition and packaging. This excludes frames fitted with prescription lenses as well as color and clear contact lenses.
To find Doctor M® store locations and the ones closest to you, simply go to the homepage and click on the store locator section.
You can learn more about how we empower lifestyles, integrate innovative technologies, our array of offerings and the legacy of Doctor M®, by clicking here .
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