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Why We Need Phone Number?

Why We Need The National ID Number?


Payment Methods

To guarantee your convenience, Doctor M provides multiple payment options, including online payment via credit card and cash on delivery. Our payment methods are meticulously crafted to ensure security, allowing you to make transactions with complete peace of mind.

Online Payment

If you opt for a direct payment gateway for your purchase, your payment will be processed via our partner payment gateway provider, ensuring encrypted transactions in accordance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).

Initially, we will authorize the amount of your purchase on your credit card until the transaction is successfully processed, and your products are delivered. While your bank may send you a notification indicating that your credit card was charged, please be assured that we will only finalize the charge once the transaction is complete.

Upon completion of the transaction, we will charge your credit card for the authorized amount. Additionally, depending on country regulations, we also offer online payment through Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Cash on Delivery

You have the option to pay for your purchase using the cash-on-delivery method, though additional fees for this service may apply. When our partner delivery provider reaches your home to deliver the products, they will present you with an invoice for the total amount of your purchase. Upon collection of the total amount invoiced, they will give you the products.

If you have any questions or need clarification regarding payment methods, please feel free to contact us at contact@doctor-m.com.


Tabby lets you split your purchases into 4 equal, interest-free payments. We collect the first payment when your order ships, while the remaining 3 payments are collected monthly, without interest. Simply add your desired items to your cart and select Tabby at checkout.

For any inquiry or complaint regarding any element of the service provided by Tabby, you can submit them to Tabby’s customer service team either via email at help@tabby.ai or through customer support number 800 82229 (UAE).


Tamara, available in KSA. With Tamara's "Split in 3" payments option, you can divide your bill into three interest-free payments: one payment when you order, the rest over the course of the two months that follow.

Your payment plan will be visible at checkout and sent to you via email from Tamara upon order confirmation. Additionally, you'll receive payment reminders via SMS and push notifications through the Tamara app.

For any inquiry, visit the Tamara Help Center (https://support.tamara.co/hc/en-us/categories/360003035440-Customer), or contact our support team using the app. For Saudi Arabia, call 8008500548; for the United Arab Emirates, call 8000320638.